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Harvesting, Storage, Treatment & Supply

HDPE Geo-membrane Liner: Your Water
Rain water harvesting in large quantities to
guarantee total water security throughout
the dry season
Flexi Hand Pump

Hand water pump; works like a bicycle pump
Pumps up to 1,600 litres per hour. Can irrigate ¼ acre
Treadle Pump (Foot Pump)

Pumps up to 4,500 litres per hour
Can irrigate 1 acre. Can directly power 1 sprinkler
Motorized Pumps
          (Electric, solar, petrol, diesel, generator)
Surface Pump, Borehole Pump, Submersible Pump          
High Elevation; Large Water Volumes; High Pressure
Mechanical water Filter: Physical Solids
Removes dirt (like a sieve) to deliver clean clear water
Ideal for drinking water, livestock watering, irrigation, etc
UV Filter
Physical, chemical-free water sterilization / disinfection process Reliable, cost-effective and environmentally friendly way to kill disease causing germs in water without boiling Ideal for domestic, livestock, hospital and recreation